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Once Upon an event ...

Enchantment Events is a small family business based in Falmouth.


As originally photographers we've always been creative and loved props and building set for photo shoots both indoors and outdoors but with children and family changes our story began to unfold with their influence.

Before we knew it we'd be talked into hosting our first comic convention with 1800 attending and UKCGF was born running events now across the the south west and as far afield as Cardiff and Brighton fast overtaking photography work as we moved to Cornwall in 2018 and focused on our events.

Fast forward to 2020 and covid and our business stopped instantly with the nature of our very sociable events!

So as lockdown restrictions eased we looked at what was more possible to do with safety measures but to bring back support for all the traders across all the different events from festivals to country shows who had no way of trading and we started the night markets along with a friend that had same enthusiasm to do something new.

After a few successful markets together we then went our separate ways to create our own market brands and ideas and Enchant Events was born and we now organise multiple markets at the Royal Cornwall Showground.

Of course we still plan to do the comic cons but when the time is right and events are allowed again later in 2021 and are loving developing new events to run alongside these.

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Coffee Maker

Always coffee in the office 

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